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"A Deliberate Pause is an eye-opening read.

“It offers keen insights for veteran and rookie entrepreneurs alike. It's the kind of resource you'll return to time and again, for it offers a smart and useful guide for anyone who wants to think different and turn those thoughts into action."

Daniel H. Pink


A Deliberate Pause is a thoughtful and engaging book that provides great insight on how we can reach our goals by opening our minds, trusting our abilities and thinking entrepreneurially. 

“The book shows that while there is no right or wrong way to achieve our goals, by taking innovative approaches to addressing solutions we can positively impact the way we live, transform our communities, and change the world.”

Michael Chasen

Co-Founder, President & CEO


A Deliberate Pause by Larry Robertson is a completely refreshing book about being an entrepreneur or finding out if you are one.

“This book is clearly written by a true entrepreneur, so his ability to narrow down the elements of vision, the delivery of that vision and how to enlist and inspire those who will carry your vision into reality is remarkable.

“The numerous contributions from others who are visionaries and entrepreneurs really fills out the content, giving it a basis for the reader to consider their own ability to translate their dreams into something marketable.

“I highly recommend A Deliberate Pause for anyone who has a dream, isn't sure what it would take to bring their dream to market and wants guidance to realize their dream into reality."

Nell Newman

Founder, President

Newman's Own Organics

A Deliberate Pause is a very important book and one of my favorites.”

Jim Blasingame

Founder, Host The Small Business Advocate

(nationally syndicated radio show)

“Larry Robertson's book is a deliberate masterpiece.

“Particularly now, given the world's economic challenges - with entrepreneurship being promoted as the best way to lift individuals out of poverty and into the economic mainstream - A Deliberate Pause helps all of us better reflect on the pursuit and positioning of entrepreneurship as a solution.

“I enjoyed every page, every word, of this book. It has helped me become a more effective advocate for entrepreneurs, and teacher of the key attributes that make for successful entrepreneurship.”

Karen Kerrigan

President & CEO

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

“A very thoughtful and insightful piece of work.”

Michael Lerner

Founder Commonweal

MacArthur Fellow

“You must pause to read A Deliberate Pause!  Robertson captures both the spirit and the process of entrepreneurship, and he does it with wit and wisdom.  By tapping the know-how and experience of a wide range of entrepreneurs, by telling compelling stories, and by incorporating insights from diverse but pertinent sources, he brings alive the entrepreneurial process. 

A Deliberate Pause is inspiring in its scope, practical in its application, and a joy to read.”

Ray Smilor

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Former, VP Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, Kauffman Foundation

Former, Executive Director, Beyster Institute

A Deliberate Pause is thought provoking, intelligent, and inspiring. If you are thinking of starting a business or nonprofit, or innovating in any area of your life, this book will offer invaluable insights that inspire courage to fulfill your potential.”

Caren DeWitt Merrick

Co-founder, webMethods

“If as a country we want to lead in the 21st century and beyond, we're going to need entrepreneurs. If as a species (humans) we want to resolve the global challenges we face, then all of us, not just a few, need to think entrepreneurially. Larry Robertson's A Deliberate Pause not only awakens us to these truths, it shows how each of us can actively engage, not just in economic, social, or environmental progress, but in human progress.

“Before A Deliberate Pause, others who explored the topic focused on individual entrepreneurs, be they hero or villain. No one had ever stepped back to look at 'entrepreneurship' in the larger sense, to see the many places it can be applied and the many people who together with the entrepreneur make it real. Other books and resources available too often seek formulas, leading us purposefully or accidentally to conclude that there might actually be a formula out there somewhere for how to successfully see and create new and better. Refreshingly, A Deliberate Pause does not. Instead, Robertson looks at the topic through entrepreneurial eyes - his and those of hundreds of others who know, live and breath entrepreneurship - seeking to do just what an entrepreneur would do: discover the patterns of possibility that will actually advance us.

“Written in an easy to read, conversational voice and liberally sprinkled with the voices of entrepreneurial insiders famous and near, A Deliberate Pause is the kind of book that makes you think, gives you the space and the guidance to do just that, and makes you realize why more of us need to think entrepreneurially. Rather than a book of the moment, Robertson's book is a must read for newcomers to the topic and seasoned veterans alike and a resource you'll want to highlight, dog-ear, and return to many times over.”

JJ Ramberg

Host, MSNBC’s Your Business

Co-founder, GoodSearch

A Deliberate Pause is an excellent and important read for the entrepreneur.

“Robertson highlights what makes a great entrepreneur and, more importantly, why entrepreneurs need to be supported by a strong team and community if they are to be successful. The examples dig deep into the real world example many books miss and provide a clear set of guiding principles and benchmarks.

“For me, the best part of the book is the analysis of the entrepreneur as one player on a team versus an icon or hero. The understanding of how the entrepreneur operates in a team dynamic is really important and a subject almost never discuss.

A Deliberate Pause is a great read for an entrepreneur and almost more importantly their team and investors.”

Charlie Brown

Founder, Context Partners

Former Executive Director, Ashoka Changemakers

“The ease of reading Larry Robertson’s A Deliberate Pause is at once misleading and empowering.

“Through the act of pausing, Robertson demonstrates the entrepreneur’s understanding about the limitations of a solitary role as visionary and catalyst. Instead, the entrepreneur embraces an entrepreneurial ecosystem, whereby a community of players more effectively mitigate risk.


A Deliberate Pause portrays a universal and timeless framework that resonates beyond personal, public and private goals to achieve value that is defined less by financial gain, and more by the compelling desire to improve the human condition.”

Janet Al-Hussaini

League of Women Voters

Northern Virginia

“Entrepreneurs are a special breed, and Larry Robertson has answered all the questions dead-on!

“This compelling book captures the spirt, energy, and drama of entrepreneurship. Robertson provides

tremendous insight into the fundamental conundrum of what makes entrepreneurs fail and others succeed.”

“Robertson has cracked the entrepreneurial DNA code. (A Deliberate Pause) is a must read!”

Brien Biondi

Former CEO

Entrepreneurs Organization (YPO)

“Now more than ever we need to take a different view our world - not just some of us but every one of us. We tend to think doing so is the right of the few when really it is the responsibility of all who inhabit this planet.

“The question is, how do we get started? Begin with A Deliberate Pause.

“Most of us seek a quick fix formula, when what we need is a primer in how positive change really occurs. A Deliberate Pause fills that need. This book isn't a business book (though business could benefit enormously from it's lessons). It isn't academic (though it's research is broad, rigorous and compelling). And it doesn't offer up the typical canned "recipe" or "10 steps" to the perfect answer. If you want that, go elsewhere and good luck.

“That said, if you want the truth about what allows the world to progress, if you want to know how to have lasting impact, and if you want a smart, relevant book that moves you - no matter who you are, look no further.

A Deliberate Pause should be required reading for us all - a primer for those who want to change the world and refresher for those who've lost their bearings in their journey to do just that.”

Gene Kahn

Founder, Cascadian Farms and Small Planet Foods

Global Sustainability Officer

General Mills Inc.

“It is quite rare to see such a quality, highly-professional, heartfelt book that explores the conscience of an entrepreneur. 

“The author's mind, heart, soul, talent and insights are on parade - and will motivate readers to take a 'deliberate pause' to ask themselves if they are leading their best life. Read it and reap."

Sam Horn

Award-winning speaker and author of

POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd and Tongue Fu

“If there was ever a time when it was popular to be an entrepreneur, the time is now. But what does it mean to be an "entrepreneur"?

“Larry Robertson separates myth from reality, and shows his readers what characteristics truly define most entrepreneurs, with a particular focus on how entrepreneurs are cultivated and made successful because of, in spite of, and in the midst of community. It has been said that "a person is a person through other persons." Likewise, Robertson argues that an entrepreneur is an entrepreneur through other persons. Robertson takes his two decades of experience working within entrepreneurial communities, or "ecosystems", and encourages his readers to expand their vision for how they can engage their communities, network with their counterparts, and implement their ideas to create a better world.

“His book is full of real life examples and resources, and thus it is a valuable resource for anyone who thinks that, indeed, making the world better is a worthy enterprise.”

David M. Thompson

Director, Duke Law School

Larry Robertson's A Deliberate Pause demystifies the entrepreneur through his discussion of the many uses of the word and his captivating examples of successful entrepreneurs in both the private and public sectors. His discussion about successful entrepreneurs' connections to their communities resonated with me as I am concerned that as we advance technologically as a society we are losing our real face to face social connections. Larry highlights many amazing examples of entrepreneurs that are stepping up and engaging in their communities and making great social progress for all of us, from zip cars to flip crayons - it is absolutely inspiring!!!

Susie Steiner

Founder, Delafield Arts Center

“Larry Robertson gets it right on all counts. Larry has a broad range of experiences from which to draw and an excellent grasp on what matters. This is a book that doesn't just make it to the coffee table, but merits a careful read.”

Brad Whitehead

President, Fund for Our Economic Future

Co-founder, McKinsey & Co. Environmental Practice

A Deliberate Pause is the perfect title for this book.

“Filled with new insights, witty anecdotes, and great case studies, Larry Robertson's book forces all of us to truly pause and reflect on ourselves as catalysts for change. This book goes beyond the how-to's of entrepreneurship - it allows us dive into the deeper layers of our own motivations, perspectives, and values that make us entrepreneurs.

“Larry eloquently intertwines an entrepreneur's individual journey with the power of the community that makes human progress come to life. Through his frameworks and powerful stories, Larry shows how all of us add unique, valuable gifts that are vital to any entrepreneur's journey. Beyond our own entrepreneurial ventures, Larry shows how we can all contribute to new ideas that will tackle the problems we face in today's complex world.

“I have read sections of this book multiple times when I have faced very different challenges both personally and professionally. The title truly speaks for itself - this book provides any aspiring entrepreneur with a great opportunity to pause, reflect, and rethink their path to creating change. This book is an absolute must-read!”

Jenna Gebel

National Resource Development Specialist

Goodwill Industries Intl.

“Like a good scotch, A Deliberate Pause clearly benefits from the refinement of time, the wisdom of many, and the clear gift for distilling what matters most. Robertson has created a master's blend sure to please even the most discerning reader.

“And like a good scotch, though the rewards come immediately from the first sip and the first read, A Deliberate Pause is a book worth returning to again and again. No doubt you will come to appreciate it more with each encounter.”

Arthur H. Davis

Ret. LCDR Navy

A Deliberate Pause is excellent storytelling.

“Larry does a wonderful job of breaking up the lessons into bite-sized chunks and telling a relevant story around each and every one -- from the historical (eg, America's founding fathers) to present day business successes (eg, Steve Jobs/Apple).

“It all makes for a quick, entertaining, and educational read. Well done.”

Samer Hamadeh


“In his book, A Deliberate Pause, Larry Robertson talks about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Uniquely, Larry talks about entrepreneurs no matter what their stripes - whether in the business arena or the social arena. It's not about the business plan; it's not about the money; it's not about the use of business skills while doing "charity" work.

“Instead, being an entrepreneur is about having a new idea, having the drive, determination and discipline, having an ability to motivate others to act. Entrepreneurs are change catalysts.

“What a powerful and empowering explanation.

“Filled with accessible stories and case studies, Larry's book is important reading for understanding entrepreneurs and for understanding society. Larry's book is also important reading for those wishing to become an entrepreneur.”

Lucy Perkins

Director, North America Programs


“Until I read this book I always thought the only big leap I took was the moment I quit my job and began truly doing what I have always wanted to do. Be my own boss. After reading this book, and getting so much from all of the stories, I realize while the leaps I take on a regular basis are not as big as the initial one, they are just as impactful.

“The companies we create are living an breathing, and need human progress to feed them and continue to move things forward and make things great. The examples Robertson used can not be overstated and used as shining examples of what it really does take to achieve the "success" we all strive for each day. Read it, read it, read it.

“For those who are thinking about starting a company, read it. For those who already have, read it. This should be required reading for all MBA candidates.”

Susan Matthews Apgood

Co-founder, News Generation

A Deliberate Pause offers a fresh opportunity to re-engaged with entrepreneurship as a way of life. Larry's thorough inquiry into entrepreneurship engages both diverse perspectives and mediums - weaving together case examples, experts references, recommended readings and parable. His methodical approach offers readers a structure to engage in even more creativity.

“Digestible, actionable and inspiring, A Deliberate Pause is a critical read for where an how business is evolving.”

Camille Preston

Founder, AIM Leadership

“The recent debate over the "Tiger Mom" made me think of this book ... what is it that makes success? What is it that truly fuels change and makes the world a better place? In A Deliberate Pause, Robertson makes the critical point that it is entrepreneurship (not just in the narrow business sense) that compels change and improvement in our world. There is room for piano and math prodigies (and who says they can't also be entrepreneurs?), but as none are likely to emerge from my home, I think I prefer to impart the lessons of A Deliberate Pause to my children, rather than square pegging them into the round hole of hours-long piano lessons.

A Deliberate Pause is different than so many of the genre, because Robertson shows rather than tells. Through compelling examples, the book is not only eminently readable, but also provides a persuasive narrative about the spirit of entrepreneurship and its roots and effects. The book provides a prism -- a way of thinking.

“Give it a try. It's certainly not a self-help book, but it is a bit bigger than a business book. Just as its lessons occupy a different place in my mind and experience than books of either genre, it deserves its own shelf at Barnes & Noble.”

Virginia Hume

President, Virginia Hume Communications

Of Counsel, Quinn Gillespie

“Books on entrepreneurship generally fall into two categories: those written by academics or those by successful entrepreneurs. While the former offer a generalized view, those who write them have rarely been in the trenches themselves and the analysis is far-removed from the battleground that is the actual entrepreneurial process. Successful entrepreneurs provide us with this gritty view, but can only speak from their solo, narrow, individual experience and get into trouble when making broad generalizations. Both camps thus provide us with an incomplete picture.

“Enter Larry Robertson and A Deliberate Pause. Larry brings the best of both worlds, combining his vast experiences as an entrepreneur AND a lifelong analysis of the entrepreneurial journey. From this singular perch, he delivers a book that offers that rarest of things: penetrating insight. Here you will not find bland generalizations or heroic tales of superheroes. Rather, you will come to understand the layer cake that is entrepreneurship and the many factors that contribute to this unique and challenging of human endeavors.”

“A few specifics are worth mentioning. First, the very title itself provides the initial unexpected insight about entrepreneurs - they are not always engaged in action! Instead, they constantly take time to ponder, strategize, analyze and harmonize. From the theater of action the great entrepreneurs interrogate their mental model and continuously alter and tweak it. This symbiotic relationship between action and reflection has, to my knowledge, not been exposed until now. Second, Larry debunks the pervasive myth of the lone entrepreneur and provides a detailed and nuanced framework for the ecosystems and communities that entrepreneurship needs to thrive. Without these intricate, layered and robust networks around entrepreneurs, failure is virtually guaranteed. This telescopic view is essential for anyone interested in developing the ability to foster entrepreneurship. Finally, Larry weaves his tapestry, rather than single entrepreneurial thread. By interspersing it with yarn from 200+ contributors (this reviewer being one of them), he makes the boldest, most meaningful statement about entrepreneurship: there is no one right path or way; just the right one for you. And the only way to discover it is to get started.

“No matter how you are involved in the journey of entrepreneurship, READ THIS BOOK. But read it slowly! There are too many powerful insights to absorb in one sitting. So instead, let this be the method by which you master taking a deliberate pause and move seamlessly between action and reflection. In doing so, you will have already learned one of the most important skills of the great entrepreneurs.”

Bijoy Goswami

Author, The Human Fabric

Founder, Bootstrap Network

“Now that I've read Larry Robertson's superb book twice, and have picked up yet more insights into entrepreneurship (and myself), I can say that I feel even more strongly about my initial instincts: This book is not just some technical view of the subject, but an insight into life.

“It’s breathtaking.

“Whether we think of ourselves as entrepreneurs or not, each of us has significant contributions to make in the advancement of ideas and the improvement of the lives of those around us.

“This book is a roadmap to personal accomplishment. I hope that many get the chance to absorb its lessons.”

David Ford

Vice Chair

Aegis Assisted Living

Author, Blind in One Eye

"More than ever before, we need a way to meet the world's challenges head on. Entrepreneurs do such things. In A Deliberate Pause Larry Robertson shows us that anyone can have that kind of impact.

"In teaching kids and young adults how to see the world differently I am fond of asking them, 'What question will your life answer?' A Deliberate Pause is a wonderful guide to help think about and answer that question. In relevant, accessible language it calls to us, 'What are you waiting for? Who are you waiting to give you permission? It's in your hands. Get going!' I highly recommend this book."

Steve Mariotti


Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

“Many cultures around the world are still discovering the concept of the "entrepreneur" - a word that emerged from the 18th century Industrial Revolution in the Western world. Where I work, in Afghanistan, there is no word for entrepreneur - neither in Dari nor Pashto.

“Yet the messages in Robertson's book have universal appeal.

“In this book, we see a careful crafting of what entrepreneurship means in broader terms of human development and human striving. Robertson describes a a vision of entrepreneurship without borders - I look forward to the Dari translation!”

Zach Warren

Co-founder, Magicians Without Borders

“In an age where so many people think about becoming an entrepreneur because they want to be rich, Larry Robertson's book A Deliberate Pause reminds of us the real reasons we should seek to be entrepreneurs - to better ourselves and the planet.

“This book should be required reading not just for anyone seeking to be an entrepreneur, but for anyone seeking to be a better person, period.”

Omekongo Dibinga

Founder of the 1,000,000 Youth Campaign

Author, Poet, Speaker, Diversity Consultant

“Larry Robertson has produced a truly useful book on a subject that has been over-written. His stories are pragmatic and on point. I teach entrepreneurship at Cornell and I now have this as a recommended reading. I have received very positive feedback from my students.”

Jim Quest

Lecturer, Entrepreneur-In-Residence

Cornell University

"A Deliberate Pause is not just an encyclopedia of entrepreneurship but also a manual for a personal success of a higher nature. Rather than presenting a simplistic and technical overview of entrepreneurship, Larry has succeeded at illuminating a bigger picture of human behavior.

“As an amateur with no business background and a sheer passion for professional and personal growth, I have found his book vital to my journey of creating meaningful value in the world. It has motivated me to think creatively and act courageously and to pursue success in the context of not just my own goals but the good of the global community.

“Larry's writing will remind you not to accept the status quo, to examine your motives, and to strategically harmonize your personal philosophy with real actions. Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or just a ‘student’ eager to generate positive change in the world, with Larry's help, you will certainly gain effective approaches to living your best life and reaching your full potential.”

Marzena Saternus

Hunter Advisors

I appreciate the way A Deliberate Pause approaches entrepreneurship: not as a vague or abstract concept but as a living, breathing, TANGIBLE way of approaching life.  Most of all it is infused with an exuberant sense of hope and deep belief in the possible.

Eric Dawson

Founder, Peace First

Founder, The Peace Prize for Kids

“So you wanna change the world?    Start here.

“This is a must-read for anyone who's thinking of starting a business, non-profit, NGO...any organization. It really drills down into the underlying strata, getting you to think about the 'why' behind your business, and debunks all the myths about entrepreneurs along the way.

“What's really cool and ground-breaking about this book lies in three areas: the need for self-awareness as a foundation for building a successful venture, looking into the meaning of 'success' and SLOWING DOWN (pausing) deliberately to get your bearings, sit with the questions surrounding your venture and gain clarity. This approach, of course, runs counter to the go-go, first-to-market, beat the competition approach favored by those who assume they know the road to entrepreneurial success.

“Larry takes you to the right lane, takes your foot off the gas and asks you to take a breath or three before shifting back into gear.

“The book also makes some great points around the need for evolution, not growth, and feeling your way into what's true for you as an entrepreneur.

“It also puts forth the importance of community and collaboration, and makes a strong case that successful entrepreneurship is all about inclusion--again flying in the face of commonly-held assumptions about entrepreneurs. In fact the human element plays a huge role in the book. The idea that bettering the world is the universal force behind the actualization of every successful entrepreneur's vision. He cites some great, visionary entrepreneurs in all areas--business, non-profit, etc., along the way.

As a slayer of sacred cows, I also liked Larry's take on going through, around and under societal norms and ways of being in favor of expressing one's truth and heart.

A Deliberate Pause should be required reading for those in business school, would be entrepreneurs, and those who have taken the plunge and emerged with some scars. Also a great read for anyone who wants to bring more of a sense of humanity and purpose to their work and to the world. Kudos!”

Tom Mann

Founder, Chief Experience Guy

Experience Be

“I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years, and I have seen them struggle without mentors or guidance. They often make common, avoidable mistakes because of their lack of experience. They have a hard time seeing the patterns in their business and acting on them.

“This book is great for anyone who is an entrepreneur or is working for, investing in, or advising a growing venture business. A Deliberate Pause dispels many of the common misconceptions about entrepreneurs as greedy and profit driven, and allow readers to see inside the best minds of entrepreneurship. There is no formula for success, yet through insightful interviews, Robertson helps reveal some functional lessons for businesses of all sizes by reveling patterns present in successful profit and non-profit businesses.

“It’s a fascinating book. It's caused me to think differently about many of the businesses I encounter.”

Scott DeSimone

Co-founder, Really Great Reading

“Entrepreneurs can be found in all walks of life.  

“I suspect that most of us associate entrepreneurs with the business world, but as Larry Robertson's book shows us the leaders, the people who drive progress and teach us how to do things differently and better, are not necessarily business owners.

A Deliberate Pause inspires me as a I search for better ways to deliver medical care.  It provides a template for evaluating what I am doing and the questions I should be asking.

“As we enter this period in which health care reform is so topical, Larry's ideas should be must reading for physicians and legislators alike.  They all need to take a deliberate pause before determining how to make health care better.  The answers might not be easy or popular, but the rewards could be immense.”

Todd Dray, MD

Head and Neck Surgeon

Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center

“Entrepreneurs are often misunderstood by the public.

“Larry Robertson offers a unique perspective on entrepreneurial success that resonates with my experiences.

“More than just pontificate with generalities, his observations are actionable and useful. I hope that people who are considering becoming entrepreneurs develop more confidence in what it takes to be successful after reading this book.”

Geoff Smart

Chairman & CEO, ghSMART

Co-author of New York Times Bestselling book Who: The A Method for Hiring

“As a professor at a major public university deeply involved in engaging students in entrepreneurship I have found Larry Robertson's book A Deliberate Pause a perfect entry point for young people with entrepreneurial dreams. The book has also contributed to my own development as an entrepreneur in the field of communication, which is to say the book has something to offer to people at many stages of the entrepreneurial spectrum. Based on Robertson's personal interviews with many of the world's leading entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs, the book balances principled advice with specific accounts of entrepreneurs in action.

“In addition to unpacking stereotypes, evaporating myths, and clarifying the qualities of entrepreneurs, several elements of the book stand out to me as extremely valuable in helping entrepreneurs move forward. The first is Robertson's emphasis on value creation as the central element of all entrepreneurship. This move washes out the differences between social entrepreneurs and "regular" entrepreneurs, focusing instead on the central attributes of both. While I would argue that there are some important distinctions to be made regarding social entrepreneurs and "regular" entrepreneurs, in the end, focusing on value creation as what connects these two streams puts the emphasis where it belongs in an extremely practical way. The next idea in A Deliberate Pause I find extremely valuable is the centrality of questioning in the entrepreneur's mind. Entrepreneurs, according to Robertson, constantly ask "why?" Why are things this way? How can they be improved? What's missing in this situation? This kind of questioning is one key feature that sets entrepreneurs apart, and Robertson has much advice from some of the world's leading entrepreneurs in this regard. Finally, the notion of the "deliberate pause" which Robertson develops throughout the book is a powerful and surprising approach to entrepreneurship. However, it is this counter-intuitive aspect of Robertson's accounts of the role of the "deliberate pause" in the life of the world's leading entrepreneurs that makes it so valuable.

“While I find the book to be extremely accessible, it is also full of substance, as well as practical advice and suggestions for further reading. Entrepreneurs hold the key to getting us through the tremendous global challenges we face today. In the past, entrepreneurs seemed to arise in idiosyncratic places and times; however, today we must develop and cultivate a new generation of entrepreneurs young and old if we are to move forward in economic development, enhancing our environment, raising levels of democracy and human rights, addressing health challenges, and reforming education. Larry Robertson has provided us with a powerful tool for growth in the cultivation of our own and others entrepreneurial lifestyle. I would especially recommend this book for anyone looking to start a venture.

“Larry Robertson's A Deliberate Pause deserves to stand alone as the definitive study of entrepreneurs and the role they play in the ‘entrepreneurial ecosystem.’”

Paul M. Rogers

Assistant Professor

George Mason University

Director, Northern Virginia Writing Project

“Robertson easily takes complex theories and opens the door for the reader into many personal journeys of the most accomplished business men and women of today. He examines the stories of these individuals and reveals the steps they took to reach success as well as the patience and perseverance needed at times to move in different directions and take "a deliberate pause."

“This book is so captivating and the writing so in depth, you can re-read each chapter and find many hidden doors of information throughout.

"A Deliberate Pause is a powerful and ambitious undertaking and gives inspiration to pursue dreams you didn't know were even possible!”

Shanlee Johnson

Founder, Designer

The Shanlee Collection

“The beauty of social entrepreneurship is that it takes into account the greater good or as Larry Robertson says in his title, "Human Progress."

“For Larry Robertson, all entrepreneurship is social. At first I bristle at this, as I think of all the innovative ways there are to take money away from people. Then I hear him out. And I agree.

“For the last several years I have been studying social entrepreneurship and working with social entrepreneurs. I come at this social movement from the social, not the business, perspective. Reading the literature has taken me into the business world, unfamiliar territory that I will admit makes me suspicious. Who or what are you exploiting now to achieve your profit? Such is the jaded point of view of many of us who have been laboring in the nonprofit sector trying to address the human and environmental casualties of capitalism.

“Larry Robertson is an old soul. He has written a book that describes the spirit of entrepreneurship as a catalyst for a better social system and a drive to address the immense challenges we face as global citizens. We are out of balance and need to take a deliberate pause.

“He includes everything you could ask for to help you come to your own conclusions. For the voracious reader he includes great reading lists at the end of each chapter, for the lover of biography he includes vignettes on interesting entrepreneurs and their stories, for the systems and theory person he breaks it down and defines his terms. And for the social activist he treats ethics and love of fellow living beings as a given.

“Treat yourself to A Deliberate Pause and then go make the world a better place. There's plenty of room for everybody.”

Sarah Stiles

Asst. Professor, Social Entrepreneurship

Georgetown University

"Larry takes on the topic of entrepreneurship with the same contagious energy he demonstrated when speaking.  He gives us a fun and helpful look at those who have started endeavors, and why.

“It is my personal hope that his work will help others find courage and faith to follow their convictions for the betterment of our world."

John Zitzner

Founder, President

Zealous Schools and E-Prep Academy

“As an entrepreneur and someone who works with high growth entrepreneurs every day, I am used to considering entrepreneurship with a very specific lens to its meaning.

“What was powerful about Larry's book was the way it challenged the more narrow meaning of entrepreneurship and easily translated that meaning into inspired action steps anyone can take. Everyone can practice entrepreneurial thinking, even if you aren't a practicing entrepreneur.”

Ray Leach

CEO, JumpStart

“We live in a society where we are all pressed for time and looking for the most efficient and expeditious way to get from point A to point B, whether it be driving a car or achieving our life goals. Everyone would love to be able to find a book that is the magic bullet and formula for how to be a successful entrepreneur. Self-exploration and examination can be time-consuming and often can take a large amount of focus and determination so we look for an easy answer. In A Deliberate Pause, Larry Robertson speaks to the way that entrepreneurs, whether it be innately or consciously, are constantly viewing and interacting with the world around them as an active catalyst for change and improvement in mankind. The 'business' side of entrepreneurship really is secondary to the vision and impact that the people he interviewed hoped to have on the world. The success in monetary terms, although important, was a result of their desire to impart change.

“At first glance, such a view would imply that you either are an entrepreneur (with a vision to change the world), or you are not. It would seem that to teach such an intangible skill would be difficult if not impossible. What Larry found however, is that, simply by taking “a deliberate pause" and viewing the world in different terms, we all have the ability to think and act entrepreneurially. When we do so, we not only start to realize our own vision but when that vision is compelling enough, people around us are inspired by it and prompted to action as well. This collective mindset is very powerful and many of the interviews and the stories in the book, speak to the profound impact that it can have.

“This book will be a resource guide that I refer to again and again as my personal and professional life evolves because, it is so easy for us to become myopic in the focus for our lives and lose sight of the greater and more important impact we may be able to have on the world around us. This book challenges me to be aware of not only what I am doing but how and why I am doing it. It makes me push myself to view things in a new way and constantly be present to the moment I am in; totally aware of my reality, simply by taking "a deliberate pause."

Trisa Summers

President, TCI Wealth Advisors

“I loved A Deliberate Pause. Larry Robertson did a great job of opening up entrepreneurship and inviting us in to the wonders of creating businesses... or non-profit... or something in-between. He talks about setting a powerful vision, engaging communities and avoiding the stereotypes that constrain the driven. As someone noted in this stack of recommendations, take your time and enjoy the read and the ride.”

Scott Bush

Managing Director, WhiteHawk Capital, LLC

Acting President, GiveBack10

“As an entrepreneur and long-time startup advocate, I've read numerous books on entrepreneurship. Most focus on the "A-Z" of building a successful startup.

A Deliberate Pause takes a different approach (which I deeply appreciate) in that it discusses the behaviors and behind-the-scenes moments that so many successful entrepreneurs have experienced -- those ‘A ha’ moments that separate the good entrepreneurs from the great ones.

“Entrepreneurship touches all our lives in a profound way. From automobiles to the Internet to the medical devices and drugs that improve the quality and longevity of our lives, they all started with an entrepreneur. But how were they able to hone in on exactly the right idea at right time? What behaviors allowed them to take the right idea from concept to market with enormous success? Does this all really just happen in a ‘Blink?’

“To find out how it really happens, read A Deliberate Pause!”

Donna Jensen-Madier

Principal, Vibrant Ventures

Founder, and other ventures

Adj. Professor of Entrepreneurship, UNC Chapel Hill

Thanks to Larry Robertson for shedding a renewed light on entrepreneurship.

“As one entrepreneur recently told me, he felt like he was being viewed as "the bad guy" because everyone in business today is being portrayed as cold, calculating, money-motivated, social deviants.

“Larry takes us through a broad, historical and logical look at the human nature of entrepreneurship, past the "bad press" made by a few to the "heart" of the entrepreneurial spirit. And if we all just stop and pause to think about it, anyone can find their inner entrepreneur!

“Pause and read this book!”

Kay Molkentin

Director Center for Integrated Entrepreneurship

Hiram College

“An amazing, well-written book by clearly a very bright and insightful author.

“Having read a number of entrepreneurial books, this book breaks the genre's dogged mold and offers a fresh perspective. Robertson brings new clarity to the subject of entrepreneurship that until previously has been increasingly relegated to "how to" or Horatio Alger story lines.

“This book has captivated me and helped me refine my own perspective on life and business. Rarely do I find myself continuously going back to a book to reread it, but this is definitely one of them. Yes, it's been over 9 months and it's still on my nightstand. I've recommended it and actually bought copies to give to my VC and entrepreneurial friends.

“I've never written a book review, but this book has compelled me to do so. I eagerly anticipate the author's next book.”

Steve Lyons

Founder, President GoGoPop

Former SVP, Sony Pictures Entertainment

"Entrepreneurs advance us. But what they do and how they do it does not happen by an equation, though we often believe or hope it to be so. In A Deliberate Pause Larry Robertson captures this and other subtle but crucial insights that far too many of us miss when we look at entrepreneurs and try to decode what they do.

"To most of us, what entrepreneurs engage in can appear irrational. To go somewhere new, they naturally depart from the stabile and predictable. But when they do so, they engage fully and with a better "sense" and a "connectedness" most of the rest of us wish we had.

"As much as someone else can do for you, Robertson puts us closer to understanding and even making that "connection." Where others have stuck with stereotypes, Robertson helps us understand how entrepreneurs truly operate and how they fit into the larger, more important dynamic of entrepreneurship. Better still, he does more than just helping us to get clear about the change makers in our midst. He reveals to us that the entrepreneurial mindset is something we can ALL access - in some way, at some level. And in doing so, empowers each of us to have a hand in our collective progress forward.

"A Deliberate Pause is well worth the pause to read."

Reggie Van Lee

Executive Vice President

Head of Public Health and Non-profit businesses

Booz Allen

“Larry Robertson has hit the nail on the head with this book.

“I've given it to several colleagues to confirm and encourage their explorations of entrepreneurship. I love the idea of searching for patterns.

“I've met Larry personally and found him to be insightful, generous, and creative. All of that comes through in the book. This definitely takes entrepreneurship to a new level and the reports of his interviews with 200 people are fascinating.”

Lynne Waymon

Founder, Contacts Count

Author, Make Your Contacts Count

“It's difficult to strike a balance between a well-researched book, a groundbreaking view of the world, and a highly readable and accessible style - A Deliberate Pause does this masterfully.”

Harry Weller


NEA (New Enterprise Associates)

A Deliberate Pause is written with brilliance, heart and soul.

“I have a bit of a unique perspective on this book because I am fortunate enough to know the author. Larry has been a friend and a mentor to me for many years. He has advised and supported me through numerous ups and downs in my entrepreneurial journey and each time his input has been thoughtful, honest and insightful. I have relied on Larry tremendously and he has exceeded my expectations each time. I've also observed him support and help other entrepreneurs through the years with similarly brilliant results. So when Larry decided to finally encapsulate his wisdom and experience in a book, I knew it would be phenomenal. I watched him put his heart and soul into each page of A Deliberate Pause and WOW, was it worth the effort! I have no doubt that anyone who reads this book will find the insight, wisdom and inspiration that every entrepreneur needs to grow and thrive!”

Magarita Rozenfeld

Founder, CEO Incite International

Founder, Yes!Circle

“In his book A Deliberate Pause, Larry Robertson makes a point of clarifying the definitions of a number of words, ones that far too many of us use quite loosely - i.e entrepreneur, value, and investor. If were to choose a word whose definition allowed us to capture what Robertson has created in A Deliberate Pause, that word might be "astute: having or showing an ability to accurately assess situations or people and turn this to one's advantage." In this case the advantage is for all of us.

“Robertson clearly understands this topic like few do. Rather than focusing on individual success stories, he looks at patterns across countless successful undertakings. Rather than outlining a formula to how entrepreneurially-minded people find success, he convinces the reader that we really ought to be looking for a common framework (one that allows all for the flexibility to see things in new ways, yet is anchored on the discipline necessary to deliver on a dream). And rather than focus just on one measure of success, Larry Robertson shows us that it is lasting impact - i.e. sustainable success - that truly matters.

“What strikes me as I read the reviews for this book (both on Amazon and on the book's own website) is both how thoughtful and deeply felt they are and the breadth of readers who are praising A Deliberate Pause. In scanning the names I saw the known and also the lesser known. It's not just founders of ventures of course, but people who range across countless industries and encompass both for-profit and non-profit ventures. Teachers, preachers, naturalists, public health experts, social networking gurus, foodies, activists, and more are all singing the praises of A Deliberate Pause and with good reason. The book speaks to all of us and shows readers that everyone has the capacity to tap a different, better way of looking at the world, one entirely unique to who they are and one the rest of us are waiting for. If I had to come up with another word to describe A Deliberate Pause it would be: brilliant."

Karen Robertson


Business for Social Responsibility

“Entrepreneurship has been misunderstood for many decades, and A Deliberate Pause gives a truly researched approach that I have not seen before. Larry interviews countless entrepreneurs to conclude that success is not formulaic but is produced by one being able to observe ways to make something better and then having the drive to follow through with the vision. This observation is the "deliberate pause." The result of Robertson's research is a book that frankly inspires and motivates those who want to make a difference in other lives, not just their own.

“Mr. Robertson is as eloquent a speaker as he is a writer. My firm invited him to a client event to present the ideas formulated in his book. In a unique Question and Answer format, attendees really came to know Larry's passion for entrepreneurship and the importance of a deliberate pause. My wealth management firm has found Robertson's book to be an excellent resource for the financial education of current clients as well as that of our valued partners in the accounting and legal fields.

“What a great book and fabulous title!”

Bob Swift

CEO, TCI Wealth Advisors, Inc.

In A Deliberate Pause, Robertson adeptly combines broad, thought-provoking ideas with practical, easy to digest examples. This book challenges us to rethink our attitudes towards "entrepreneurship", then provides a rich collection of case studies that illustrate the point. As a business owner who works with nonprofit organizations, I particularly valued the connections Robertson makes between entrepreneurship and the vision of a better world. This should be required reading for anyone who considers themselves an entrepreneur...and for those who work with them!”

Michele Levy

Founder, Brand Strategy Consulting

“A friend recently asked what one book I would recommend to someone wishing to know more about Entrepreneurship. This is that book.

A Deliberate Pause is a perfect introduction to entrepreneurship and why it is is important to society.

“Larry Robertson explores common myths and demonstrates the social value of "E" in a very readable and engaging language. Mr. Robertson uses vivid examples and interviews with successful entrepreneurs to illustrate the concepts. The author is apparently a book maven as he shares the books that have influenced his thinking and, having read several already, I think this book is worth buying for the reading list alone!”

A Deliberate Pause is a deliberately written, grand slam, home run.”

Ted Rice

Program Director

Innovation Greenhouse

Kenyon College

“We've heard some of this advice before: think outside the box... take a step back... get buy-in... etc. Larry Robertson pulls it all together in this book, sharing an integrative framework that offers inspiration and hope to entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs alike. He methodically and engagingly lays out a roadmap to meaningful change and betterment of our world, walking us through an approach that makes good business, professional, and personal sense.

“From suggesting tools for professional and personal development to a way to address global challenges, this book opens our eyes and minds to the vital role of the entrepreneur and her/his contributions to our world... and to the importance of not only supporting entrepreneurs but also tapping into and nurturing the entrepreneur inside ourselves - thinking and acting entrepreneurially in our own pursuits, whatever the scope and playing field.”

Elisa Joseph Anders

Special Projects Director, iRelaunch

Documentary Film Maker

“Entrepreneurship is the manifestation of a craving to make a difference, make money, and have fun. 

“I have learned over the years that serial entrepreneurs learn the most from their experiences as they take risks, experience failure and move on all the wiser to do it again.  It is hard to "teach" entrepreneurship without experiencing it.  Larry Robertson's outstanding book, A Deliberate Pause, goes a long way to enable the reader to vicariously experience what it is like to have an idea and then seek their dream by starting companies. 

“A must read for the aspiring entrepreneur.”

John Holaday

Founder, EntreMed, Medicis, and MaxCyte

Co-founder Harvest Bank

A Deliberate Pause is great book for seasoned and new entrepreneurs.

“In A Deliberate Pause Robertson outlines the history behind entrepreneurship, not just from an event standpoint, but also from a traits and behaviors view. Many examples of well-known entrepreneurs across multiple fields are included.

“As faculty at the George Washington University School of Business, and as an entrepreneur, this book checks both boxes. So much so that I included it in the NFIB Young Entrepreneurship Foundation book club.”

The video trailer (“What’s Next?”) is a great "baby step" prior to reading the book. At a time when our economy is looking to entrepreneurs for the answers, Robertson’s book serves up welcome and needed part of the solution.”

Kathy Korman Frey

Founder, The Hot Mommas Project

Adjunct Professor, Entrepreneurship and Leadership

George Washington University School of Business

“A friend of mine who is an organizational consultant recommended this book to me. I initially didn't understand why he was recommending the book. I'm a family therapist and full-time college professor and have little connection to the world of entrepreneurship. In addition, I get many book recommendations and have little time to read anything "extra", unless it's purely for pleasure. My friend asked me to simply trust him and read the first chapter.

“I was blown away! Larry Robertson writes in a story-telling way that is so engaging I couldn't put the book down. More importantly, I discovered new knowledge in each chapter that was meaningful to me both professionally and personally.

“I think the most important overall lesson in the book for me was that the story of entrepreneurship is also a story about leadership. Each of us, regardless of our profession, are leaders and entrepreneurs. In addition, as leaders and entrepreneurs, it's our ability to collaborate with and inspire others that creates growth and success, which is a very different message than the myth of entrepreneur as a rugged individualist.”

“I highly recommend this book. It will be well worth your time.”

Todd Edwards, PhD

Associate Professor & Program Director

Family Therapy

University of San Diego

“Larry Robertson is a smart, earnest author and consultant. And his book A Deliberate Pause is required reading for those who think they have "heard it all" regarding the true nature of entrepreneurship.

“I don't think there is a book anywhere that has such an extensive collection of insights (hundreds, actually) from successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders. A Deliberate Pause takes a truly thoughtful approach to this vital, universal topic.”

Amy Showalter

Founder, The Showalter Group

“Sharing lessons from numerous entrepreneurs in varied businesses across the country, A Deliberate Pause helps the read gain insight into the many facets of entrepreneurship typically overlooked. Chief among them this book helps differentiate between a leader and an entrepreneur.”

Lew Ward

Founder, Chairman

Ward Petroleum

"Everyone would like a better life, world, or future. Many though not all people would like to lead a great organization, develop a popular product, or be known for a great idea. Very few want that organization or product to be world class or that idea to be ground breaking. And fewer still actually do it - lead, seek world class, or break new ground. But the ones who do, change the way we think, change the equation, and change the world.

"Robertson's book helps us to, for the first time, see clearly why certain people stand out and move us forward. He doesn't cook up some bogus formula for how they do it or try to convince us that personality, a unique risk profile, or a privileged upbringing are the things that allow certain people to advance the species. Instead, he pauses to show us the patterns across all manner of entrepreneurs that allow them to succeed and allow their success to have lasting impact. It's about time somebody did this and stuck a pin in the over-inflated and flat-out false image most of us have of the change makers among us.

"A Deliberate Pause would be valuable just for clarifying who entrepreneurs truly are and why they matter so much as the catalysts who make us all look at the world differently. But Robertson goes further and gives us more. What he convincingly shows us is that this "special power" we assume to be exclusive to entrepreneurs is actually rooted in an innate capacity we all have. The real difference is that entrepreneurs practice and use that ability while most of the rest of us don't. Wisely, he's not telling us all to run out and become entrepreneurs. But he is showing us that there is a need and a benefit to looking at the world differently and searching it for "what could be." More and almost without us knowing it, he compels us to do just that.

"One word of caution (if you can call it that) - in A Deliberate Pause Robertson is inviting and compelling us to THINK. If you want someone to just tell you what to do or to tell you "better" is easy, you may not find your happy place in this book. But, if you want to wake up, be aware, and advance, read on."

Adam Herz

Founder, President, CEO

Hunter Advisors

“Larry captures the essence of entrepreneurship... as an active engagement process, and by focusing on the path and activity as opposed to the traveler/entrepreneur, he helps us gain a deeper understanding.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book.”

Errol Arkilic

Program Manager

Industrial Innovation and Partnerships

National Science Foundation

“Attention all prospective readers: You can judge Larry Robertson's book, A Deliberate Pause, by its cover. The image of the lithe, leaping boy pictured on the front cover befit the level of renewed enthusiasm and optimism about my life and the joy of leaping toward possibilities that mounted as I read the book.

“I may not be one who is called to start a company or invent a product, but A Deliberate Pause has motivated me to examine my life, the lenses through which I look at the world, the boundaries and limits to which I have unconsciously allowed to dictate how I act in the world, and ask myself, what is limiting me? There are a host of people profiled in Larry's book that figured out how to do better than the status quo, why not me, too? I just need to slow down - - pause - - long enough to sort out the true 'what, why and the how' to be an agent of positive change in my own life. I have begun to take pause and, in so doing, have realized that the entrepreneurial spirit resides within me!

“Larry Robertson quickly captivated me with his wise, engaging and optimistic writing style. While he is clearly well-connected, well-read, and well-versed in the entrepreneurial realm (each chapter ends with a list of erudite contributors and a thought-provoking list of recommended, related reading), he does not write from the perspective of an elite, industry insider. This is not a text that will only resonate with a chosen few who work in a particular niche, such as, venture capital, high tech, non-profit, for-profit or corporate.

“Larry delivers a fluidly-written, captivating, compelling, inspirational and versatile book about people following their dreams, their intuition, their calling to make the most out of their talents or circumstances in an effort to make some aspect of the world better. I found the book motivational, inspiring, and well-written. Larry artfully weaves bits of theory with engaging anecdotes about real people making a real difference and being real agents of change. He leads the reader on a journey that dispels myths, stereotypes and narrow labels.

“Being entrepreneurial isn't something derogatory; rather, it is a way of describing a state of mind and a way of acting. Larry encourages the reader to think entrepreneurially, that is, creatively, expansively, and courageously, to do the thing that motivates him/her to make a difference beyond just making money, and to consider ways to make the world a better place. In the end, the exceptional entrepreneurs whom Larry profiles throughout his book and his theory about what makes an entrepreneur provide admirable lessons and the impetus for us all to to discover our own, inner entrepreneur.”

Elizabeth Williams Macart

Co-founder, Principal

Williams Mediation

A Deliberate Pause does a good job at accurately describing the key characteristics of being a successful entrepreneur. Unlike conventional wisdom as well as most literature about entrepreneurs, this book identifies entrepreneurs' primary motivation and critical mode of action as broader community change. The book includes many examples from the for-profit and social venture arenas to illustrate how entrepreneurs are catalysts for this change, and more important, how entrepreneurs collaborate with colleagues and a broader network (or ecosystem as the book refers to it) to achieve their mission.”

Baiju Shah


BioEnterprise Corporation

“There is no easy success formula for an entrepreneur - we all wish there was a 10-step process. Most people don't start out thinking they that they will follow something with such vigor that others might call them an entrepreneur. It sneaks up. Larry captures the true sense, the passion, the fear, the failures, the zigs, the zags, and the feel of the successes of the people who intentionally or unintentionally take the leap and go for it.

“The stories of inspiration, exasperation, success, and failure of household names or products inspires. Enjoy and keep swinging.”

Mike Hubbard

Founding Partner, Capstone Partners

Founder, Catalyst Health Systems

“Larry Robertson, with A Deliberate Pause, leaves in the dust every other book I've ever read on entrepreneurship.

“He does so precisely because he does not attempt to reduce his message to definitions and formulas, rather captures the heart and soul of those those that have succeeded and failed and helps us understand why through their stories.

“Masterful in its teaching, A Deliberate Pause should be a part of every business curriculum. For those who are considering becoming an entrepreneur, read it. For those who ever considered judging those who have become entrepreneurs, read it. For those who simply work in the business world and have a thirst for understanding the people within it as well as the approaches that are successful, read it. You'll enjoy it and be better off for it.”

Darlene Bennett Greene

Ret. Lt. Commander, USN

Business Consultant

“What we often miss about entrepreneurship is the fact that this powerful force is available to us all. That means we end up missing the opportunity to make ourselves and this world better too. A Deliberate Pause not only captures this truth in vivid, accessible, and entertaining prose, it brings us right to its doorstep and invites each of us to walk through and become powerful forces for change.

"Having spent nearly two decades exposing youth to entrepreneurship, I know first hand that showing people how to think differently makes them confident, aware, and frees them to become incredible contributors to our communities, whether they pursue their own venture or not. What A Deliberate Pause does so very well and so uniquely, is to show us the factors and the fundamentals that exist across all forms of entrepreneurship, the ones that lead to the kind of lasting change that moves us forward as communities, as nations, as human beings.

"Unless you are opposed to change for the better, you can't help but come away from A Deliberate Pause with a sense that the world awaits what you have to offer and that what you dream is within your reach, no matter who you are."

Julie Silard Kantor

National Vice President

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

“It is critical that we expand and prepare the next generation to be better educated about entrepreneurship. It is one powerful answer to many of our country’s problems. By creating self- sufficiency, financial literacy, and educated business risk takers, we can make strides toward eliminating welfare, unemployment, and sustain communities.

“With A Deliberate Pause Larry Robertson showcases the best practices for entrepreneurship with exactly this kind of impact and does so in an easy to read, informative manner. I applaud his diligence and discipline and enthusiastically recommend this book.”

Patty Alper

CEO Alper Portfolio Group

National Board, NFTE

“This book takes an unusual and innovative approach to writing about business and entrepreneurship.

“Instead of another boring and inaccurate attempt to distill something as complicated as new business building into ‘7 easy maxims,’ Robertson lets the real core lessons come out through the widely varying stories of real entrepreneurs.

“A useful read if you are thinking about starting a business, or have started 20 of them.”

Charles Conn

Founder, CitySearch

“The terms "entrepreneur" and "entrepreneurial" have become something of a cliche over the past 10 to 20 years, and this definitional drift has caused us to lose sight of what entrepreneurship is really all about.

A Deliberate Pause does a terrific job of resetting what entrepreneurship means, and provides highly insightful examples of people who have been "entrepreneurial" in their chosen endeavors, examining their passions, challenges, and triumphs -- at the same time helping the reader to identify similar qualities within themselves and/or the people around them.

“This is not just a "business" book; it's a book about how important things get accomplished in life.”

Tom Gillespie

Senior Executive, Strategic Investments


“By interviewing and engaging over 200 experienced and wise entrepreneurs, Larry Robertson has captured the key thoughts and issues they faced as they built their ventures. His crisp writing, insightful analysis and warm embrace of the entrepreneurial spirit is an inspiration to everyone.

“This book enables the reader to feel what it is like to be an entrepreneur and to be thoughtful about whether that is the right path for them. I recommend this book to anyone who is considering starting an entrepreneurial venture or who works for an entrepreneur.

“You will be wiser and happier after you read A Deliberate Pause."

Gary Jonas

Founder, 20/20 Eye Centers

Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, Johns Hopkins

“What a joy it must have been to have had the experiences, developed the relationships, and done the research that led to this book. Author Larry Robertson has had a rich and dynamic life, meeting and collaborating with provocative thinkers, unique business people, and accomplished philanthropists.

“To have this large window into all that Larry has seen and learned feels like stealing. A Deliberate Pause generously offers perspective, context, and insights - and all that is required of the reader is an enthusiasm for interesting people who are creating impressive change, and a curiosity for expanding one's understanding of work, people, and personal contribution.

“Here's a small taste of the valuable rewards you'll get:

Work - Entrepreneurship can be applied and regularly is brought to all types of work. Taking time to think about, see, and evaluate the possibilities of what could be is an act of entrepreneurship wherever one works.

“People - Entrepreneurs work as part of a community that is essential to their success - an "ecosystem". The book provides insights into these interdependencies and how ecosystems thrive.

“Contribution - Too often entrepreneurs are narrowly defined as small business people with purely financial motives. The accomplishments of people in the book like Dr. Muhammad Yunus make it clear that entrepreneurial thinking can be applied to issues small and large while in turn generating profound improvements in our global community.

“Give yourself the treat of incorporating this book into your life experiences; it will help you understand yourself and the power of entrepreneurship.”

Eric Olsen


No Tears Learning

“Having survived it several times, I’m well aware that entrepreneurship involves far more art than science. There isn’t any secret formula, and there sure aren’t any rules. What we find hiding at the end of struggle and experience are certain truths.

“And in Larry Robertson’s book the great fog of entrepreneurial myth and misconception is finally lifted so everyone can know them.

“I found it to be a wildly thought-provoking voyage of discovery free of the usual myopic perspectives and rigid notions, one that took me into the very heart of one of life’s primal forces.

“What I found in its pages was wisdom and understanding anyone can use and a road map of sorts that shows each of us—entrepreneurs and everyone else—where to find within ourselves the power that will allow us make a genuine difference in a world that hopes we will.”

Jeffrey Hollender

Co-Founder and Chief Inspired Protagonist

Seventh Generation

Larry Robertson has identified commonalities among people who have taken "entrepreneurship" into many realms and causes. By doing so, he has illuminated ways that our creativity can be used to create a sustainable (and fun!) world that is compatible with the human spirit and the real limits of our planet.

“In the vein of its subtitle, this book is a great moment in human progress.

“Although it may not have been written specifically to do so, A Deliberate Pause shines a light on what is most missing from the "environmental community" (and even sustainability efforts) today: the ability to harness the creativity of the human mind to create an entirely new economy that is in balance with Earth's living systems of which we are a part. Accurately or not, the "environmental movement" has most often been associated with "stopping this, preserving that, legislating against the other." All of these things are necessary in an age of rampant growth and destruction, but they are not sufficient.”

Martin Ogle

Chief Naturalist

Potomac Overlook Park

“As an entrepreneur, I can tell you that Larry Robertson has eloquently captured the essence of entrepreneurship.

“Dispelling many of the myths and misconceptions associated with entrepreneurship, Larry's insightful analysis and thoughtful interviews get to the heart of what really drives an entrepreneur to succeed, often against long odds.

“What Larry has illuminated in the pages of A Deliberate Pause is not commonly taught in business school or found in business magazines. The book just might strike a chord with you to take a pause, open your your mind, and become an agent of change. I hope it does.”

Ken Ramberg

Founder, JobTrak and GoodSearch

“Larry Robertson is the Tom Freidman for entrepreneurship.

“His ability to synthesis lots of broad reaching data to reveal previously unseen patterns and insights about entrepreneurship, human behavior, and what moves the world forward is without peer in his space.

“Contrary to most books on or about entrepreneurship that offer one angle on the topic or more typical, one individual's success formula, A Deliberate Pause uniquely offers multiple perspectives. This book is a toolbox, not a hammer. When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail. That isn't entrepreneurship and it isn't this book. And as a result, A Deliberate Pause allows resonance for everyone.

“The world has been waiting for and in need of a resource like Robertson has provided.

“The lessons he teaches are the ones we’ve been sorely missing. The best schools and institutions presumably offering lessons on how to make change in the world lack half of the equation necessary to create lasting change for the better. They teach us how to take apart, to destroy, but not to create. A Deliberate Pause is fundamentally different. It's about creating and creating value in real and meaningful ways.

“This is a book not just for those who strive to be great entrepreneurs but for those who strive to do great things, no matter where they dream their dreams or apply their energies.”

Kevin Bennett

Deputy Director, FCC

National Broadband Task Force

A Deliberate Pause is far bigger than its 345 pages if you measure bigness by the quantity of rich thinking and the number of ways it can be applied.

“Through elaborate research and delightful storytelling, Larry Robertson has for me delicately deconstructed the concept of entrepreneurship, rebuilt it and paraded it back into my mind through many different doors. As a result, I have a much more realistic understanding of entrepreneurs, how they think, how they work, how they dream, how they persist and how they succeed.

“I wish I'd had this book 30 years ago when I was starting this journey.

Jim Shaffer

Author, The Leadership Solution

A Deliberate Pause is essential reading for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, and what makes and creates a successful entrepreneur. 

“The book, Robertson's first, is  a compelling piece that is highly readable, and gives one a unique perspective on business and organizational creations. 

“Having taken entrepreneurship courses at business school, and been intimately involved in the creation of numerous start-ups, I found the book to be an invaluable resource that covered the personal and organizational sides of organizational start-ups. 

“It’s a page turner that should be required reading for those interested in starting a business, and or even just those who appreciate a very well written book about the human side of organizational beginnings.”

Stewart Russell

Portfolio Manager

Moore Capital

A Deliberate Pause offers us, ALL of us - the entrepreneurial thinker, the potential, new, or professional entrepreneur, and more - anecdotal stories interwoven with helpful hints and logical analysis from the very people who have changed the way we see the world. It will improve your entrepreneurial ideas, whether you are starting your own business or are trying to get that value-add in the workplace by thinking out of the box.

“For those interested in entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial field... GET THIS BOOK!”

“Larry Robertson gives meaningful new insights to the concept of entrepreneurship. He shows us that what makes one an entrepreneur is a DELIBERATE PAUSE. This deliberate pause, the thing that all entrepreneurs around the world have in common, is insightful and inspiring.

“I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to make a change, a difference or simply enjoy the amazing legacies of some of the most famous and successful Entrepreneurs of our time.

Naomi Gunnels

Vice President

Thunderbird Entrepreneurship Network

Thunderbird School of Global Management

A Deliberate Pause is an amazing overview of entrepreneurship as a whole. Whereas most books go through the story of one company or one entrepreneur and then apply what worked in that one instance to business as a whole, this book is a comprehensive look at the broad idea of entrepreneurship.

“I'm an entrepreneur myself and this book has allowed me to look at entrepreneurship in a whole new light.

“This is, hands down, the best book on entrepreneurship I have read. If you haven't read it already, then, without a doubt, read it.”

Neil Shah

Co-founder, CEO

Compass Partners

A Deliberate Pause is a clear and insightful study of entrepreneurship and what separates the behaviors and results of successful entrepreneurs from everyone else. 

“But it is also a powerful guide on how to bring the entrepreneurial spirit into our own lives in order to improve our businesses and organizations, the communities we live in, and the broader world. 

“Robertson’s notion of taking "a deliberate pause" that leads to committed action is a powerful idea for readers across a wide spectrum of audiences, because it is really a challenge to excel and make a meaningful difference in whatever we believe is worth doing. 

“This is a book that demonstrates unique vision and brings fresh and important ideas to readers.”

Alan Gregerman

Founder, Venture Works

Author, Lessons From the Sandbox and Surrounded by Geniuses

“A terrific book - smart, accessible, friendly, well-organized and interesting.”

Jan Olsen

Founder, Chief Ideator

Handwriting Without Tears

“To me, you know that you have read a book that means something when you find yourself thinking about certain parts of it weeks and even months later. A Deliberate Pause is such a book.

“This is a management book for people who dislike management books.  It is not the Ten Steps to Being an Entrepreneur which is a great thing because there are no 10 steps for anything, especially something as complex as entrepreneurship.  Instead, Larry Robertson has compiled an extensive set of stories about real entrepreneurs.  Rather than tell you what to do with this information, he presents you with lots of stories and examples and challenges the reader to use these stories to create their own entrepreneurial experiences.” 

Robin Rodensky

Senior Vice President

ICF International

A Deliberate Pause is not a book on how to BE an entrepreneur, but rather how to FIND the entrepreneur.

“Thank you Larry for helping me find the entrepreneur inside myself. I think that he has always been there, but he never felt comfortable with or wanted to be known by the title that society has somehow come to define him by. Inevitably, true entrepreneurship requires a deep self awareness. Yet this introspection is of little discovery if we continue to evaluate ourselves on misconceptions and false definitions.

“Thank you for rediscovering entrepreneurship.

“I have long believed that a true teacher is one who can teach their pupils how to teach themselves. You Larry are true teacher. A wise ecclesiastic once told me that he didn't know all the answers to life, but knew where to find them - the scriptures. I could not help but hear your voice say the same as you referred to the examples and teachings of entrepreneurs that have walked before us. And just as I have from that point on continued to reach for my scriptures to find the answers to life, I will forever now reach to A Deliberate Pause to find the answers to entrepreneurship.”

Lewis G Davis

Graduate Student

“This book is a “must read” for anyone who wants to understand the underlying forces that drive entrepreneurship.

“Entrepreneurs will find validation throughout this book, especially when they feel isolated. 

“Larry Robertson has identified a broad array of individualists who share a common set of inspiring values. He has uprooted the many myths ascribed to those who have created value by looking at problems as opportunities to make a difference.”

Melinna Giannini

Founder, CEO

ABC Coding Solutions

A Deliberate Pause goes way beyond the traditional "entrepreneur's story" or "how to start a business" and takes a very thoughtful and well researched look at the elusive definition of entrepreneurship. This book helps the reader understand that entrepreneurship is not just about the entrepreneur, and Robertson does a wonderful job dispelling common myths about entrepreneurs that hold back a greater understanding.

“People who read this book will recognize and better understand the powerful impact that entrepreneurship has on individuals and society. The book brings sometimes difficult concepts to a human level that anyone - business background or not - can understand and appreciate.

“As someone who has made it a mission to catalyze entrepreneurship for the last 13 years, I have seen dozens if not hundreds of books about entrepreneurship that seem to all tell "war stories" yet somehow say the same things. It is incredibly refreshing to me to find a book that goes way beyond the traditional entrepreneur's story to truly add depth and understanding to a topic that is of such great importance to our society.”

Jeff Reid

Director of Entrepreneurship

McDonough School of Business

Georgetown University

“Larry Robertson has nailed it in this book that puts success, meaning and life concepts together with amazing case studies of some of the most happy and successful people in the country. It is so much more than a book about making money.

“Everyone can be entrepreneurial in some aspects of their lives. In my work for an international trade association, I have countless opportunities to be "entrepreneurial" as I develop new initiatives, and for me there is major learning, plenty of "ah has" and new ways of looking at things within these pages. I have begun to figure out more effective approaches for not just business, but for my life.

“This book is truly ahead of it's time -- beautifully written and full of uplifting, insightful and practical stories that teach with a new twist.”

Jeanne VonZastrow

Senior Director, Sustainability

Food Marketing Institute

“To unveil the true meaning of an entrepreneur, you must read A Deliberate Pause.

"A Deliberate Pause" by Larry Robertson is an excellent book for both the seasoned entrepreneur and the person who wants to know more about what it means to be an entrepreneur. The book does a fabulous job of both describing the misconceptions of who an entrepreneur is, and the qualities that entrepreneurs share in common.

“Entrepreneurship is a way of being, and Larry Robertson wonderfully describes this way of being, and how during a deliberate pause, we are able to identify how we can make things better.”

David Horn

Founder, National Bird Feeding Society

Associate Professor, Ecology

Millikin University

A Deliberate Pause will change your thoughts on entrepreneurship.

“The inside knowledge you will gain through Larry Robertson's extensive interviews with some of the world's most significant entrepreneurs will be vital to the success of your business.”

Adam Cooper

“There are really two types of work (in this field): innovator and messenger. A Deliberate Pause is both.

“This book is solid for a number of reasons, however primarily Larry Robertson's presentation of patterns and themes (as opposed to offering us a "top 10 List of Entrepreneurship") speaks more to the reality of how entrepreneurship occurs than the formula for being entrepreneurial.

“In addition, by drawing upon examples from both the for-profit and nonprofit arenas, he is able to offer something to individuals operating in each.

“In many ways, the book is about Leadership as much as Entrepreneurship, and will be of interest to folks on that basis as well.

“There is a real "place" for pieces that help move folks forward and meets them where they already are. A Deliberate Pause does a good service for having done that (for all walks).”

Jed Emerson

Author, Enterprising Non-profits

Twice selected to 50 Most Influential People in the Non-profit Sector

“This book serves as a great inspiration for every entrepreneur. It captures all of the aspects for succeeding as an entrepreneur... finding terrific way to tie all the underlying themes together.

“As an entrepreneur myself, hearing these stories provided me personally with new perspectives on my own business.

“This is a must read for everyone who is runs their own business. I highly recommend it.”

Duke Chung

Co-founder, CEO


"Beyond and better than promising to teach entrepreneurship, A Deliberate Pause immerses the reader in the entrepreneurial mindset. It asks us to pause, deliberately, and to think, not just to accept stereotypes and rumors. It then deftly shows us how and, more importantly, why we must do so.

“Evocative, entertaining, and destined to change the way we look at entrepreneurship, Larry Robertson's new book shows each of us that this mindset and the habit of pausing to use it are our most powerful tool for bettering our lives and our world, regardless of who we are or how we choose to apply it.

“It's a must have resource for anyone who truly want to understand entrepreneurship."

Will Finnerty

Adjunct Lecturer, Entrepreneurship

Georgetown University

Winner, Award for Excellence in Adjunct Faculty Teaching, 2009

“As an international health professional, I've seen the power of the human spirit rise and create something "better" even in some of the most "odds against" scenarios imaginable. In A Deliberate Pause, Larry Robertson sees this too.

“Admittedly, with the word "entrepreneur" in the subtitle I expected this to be a book about business, as many prospective readers will probably also assume. That would be a mistake. It is about so much more.

“In fact, upon reading it, I was struck by the fact that Robertson never even uses the word "company" and rarely even refers to business. The act is a deliberate one. For while entrepreneurial thinking can obviously be applied to business, as Robertson writes, entrepreneurship and business are not equivalents.

“This is just one of many eye-opening discoveries that readers will find in this powerful book - that entrepreneurship is not only something quite different than what we expect or assume, but also that entrepreneurial thinking is a power available to all humans.”

Renee R. Kotz

Resource Mobilization Director

Global Health Council

“It is far to easy to judge a book by its cover. While a wonderful cover image-wise Larry Robertson's A Deliberate Pause at first appears to be a book about entrepreneurship. Given the biases about the topic that most of us use, even if we do so unknowingly, many might jump to the conclusion that this is a book about business. Drawing such a quick appraisal would be to miss the much larger value of this unique book and the opportunity to apply its wisdom to countless other areas of life.

“Pastors seeking to find the language to motivate and lead their congregations to meet the spiritual challenges in the 21 century will find this book extremely helpful. The idea of the the local church as an expression of entrepreneurship intersects with many biblical principles within each chapter. The advice and counsel of business and nonprofit entrepreneurs construct real bridges that help explain and empower us to understand and embrace the creative opportunity to influence society for good. The book is a great companion resource for a leadership retreat. It offers an opportunity to actually create "seismic change" and reminds us of the value of taking a deliberate pause.”

Ed Jones

General Manager

University Cable TV

University of the District of Columbia


A Deliberate Pause is profound without coming across as "preachy".

“Larry Robertson utilizes a simple, storytelling approach to show us that entrepreneurship is much more than maximizing profits. He shows us that successful entrepreneurs create careers molded closer to who they are and don't worry about following a formula. They see an opportunity to make a difference in the world, see that no one else is doing it, and feel a strong need to do it themselves.

“It is lessons like these that make the book a fascinating read.”

Romi Kher

Host, 10 Good Minutes

A Deliberate Pause is powerful and valuable on many levels. It's an invaluable resource of unique perspectives and vantage points from dozens of accomplished entrepreneurs. In addition, it's an intriguing collection of recommendations of related resources for continued learning.

“Beyond that, it's a framework to organize and approach your personal and professional potential, whether you're a "traditional" entrepreneur or the much more applicable "mindset" entrepreneur.

“You could spend a lifetime pausing to track down and assemble the depth and breadth of insight in this book. Larry has done it all for us. It's worth a deliberate pause today.”

Tripp Eldredge

President, COO

Direct Marketing Results

“Where was Larry Robertson when I was young and just starting out? These are exactly the ideas, lessons, and the kind of thinking people need to have and employ sooner in life.

Why make the mistakes when you can learn here how to avoid them?”

John Altorfer

Founder, CEO


Asst. Secretary of Commerce (Nixon Admin)

“I have known of Larry's work for years and find that his greatest contribution to date is the labor of love provided by A Deliberate Pause.

“There are few comparable works that are as wide ranging and thoughtful - and that still are readable and easy to pick up and re-start as well.

“I recommend this to entrepreneurs thinking of raising their first round of outside money and to investors mulling over the risk reward of start up or early stage private company investing. Larry's chapter ending summaries and flowing style make it easy to glean the wisdom needed for either type of reader. I now have a gift to give to entrepreneur's seeking funding - a real time saver for all of us!”

John May

Angel Investor

Author, Every Business Needs an Angel

Founder, The Dinner Club and New Vantage Partners

“Robertson’s keen insight into the many different types of entrepreneurship is sure to help not only those considering a new venture, but also those who are reflecting on their successes.

“I am grateful to Robertson for succinctly sharing a multitude of reasons to stop, take a breath and contemplate the next steps. I am confident his unique perspective will be part of the dialogue on entrepreneurship for years to come.”

Jo-Anne Goldman Chase

The North Highland Company

“Great read, learned a lot. Relevant and Implementable.

“This book is much better than any college entrepreneurship class. A Deliberate Pause is not only a great tool for entrepreneurs, but it presents a way of thinking. The framework of A Deliberate Pause - interviewing proven and innovative entrepreneurs and communicating their insights, made the book easy to read and easy to refer back to. As a young entrepreneur, it was fun and relevant to read about current entrepreneurs with companies of all sizes in every sector.

“As Robertson reminds us, thinking in terms of Perspective and Discipline is critical!”


Compass Fellow

“The world would be a better place if more people read this book and followed its wisdom.

I know that statement is grandiose, but it is true.

“We can all benefit from taking more "deliberate pauses" in our lives, and the world will then benefit from the wisdom and insights gleaned from those rare moments of reflective downtime - a world where instead of reaching for the equivalent of the ‘Easy Button’ brought to us by Staple's marketing department, we instead reach for Larry Robertson's ‘Pause Button’. ”

Scott Frederick

Co-founder, General Partner

Valhalla Partners

A Deliberate Pause is more than a blueprint for starting a successful business. It is also sage advice for anyone wanting to live a more fulfilled life.

“As a student of human behavior and someone who has spent her career helping others realize their potential, it does not surprise me that the traits of a successful entrepreneur are the same as those necessary for leading a satisfying life.

“Thank you, Mr. Robertson, for highlighting the importance of passion and clear thinking in all that we strive to do. A self-help book that might actually help!”

Sherry Mullens, MSW, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist

A Deliberate Pause is the book I wish I had read before diving into entrepreneurship.

“We have all heard the cliche that "experience is the best teacher" - but how can we get that kind of teaching without paying the price? This book builds on the experience of hundreds of innovators who offered their lessons and wisdom through Larry Robertson's writing, providing fundamental distinctions going far beneath the typical business "how-to" approach.

“For anyone who is embarking on a new business venture, or in the middle of any project that involves entrepreneurial efforts, A Deliberate Pause will provide a practical framework for defining and achieving success. It is very readable and will be a resource over time as new challenges and circumstances arise.

“Highly recommended.”

Jim Wrathall

Senior Counsel

Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

“In A Deliberate Pause, Larry Robertson delivers an excellent look at the engine of nearly all organizations and companies in existence today: the entrepreneur.

“He takes the reader through a series of case studies, historical events and analysis to provide a look at how these characters have come about over the ages and fueled the innovation of the modern day business. No matter what your current pay scale, background or education, A Deliberate Pause will provide you with new insights and an understanding of the different roles within a successful enterprise.”

Ryan Black

Founder, CEO

Sambazon Acai

A Deliberate Pause is a thoroughly inspirational read.

“And it is a “must read” for those who are or desire to chart their own course.

Not only will you take away useful ideas/action steps for you to use in real life, you will also enjoy identifying with some truly impressive contributors.

“It is not just a book. It is a collaborative peer-support network sandwiched between a dust jacket.”

Dave Remick

Executive Director

Arlington/Alexandria Workforce Investment Board

“Of ALL the authors who have come to our program to profile our work, Larry Robertson is the guy who REALLY got us. He saw all the various, and at time insidious, ways in which we use EVERY resource we have to pull donors, volunteers, customers, clients, decision makes and everyday citizens into our circle of change.

“His depth of understanding of what it takes to be a serious social entrepreneur/change maker makes A Deliberation Pause a book I can 100% recommend.

“Seriously... if you long to rock the world, roll down and get this book!!!”

Robert Egger

Founder, DC Central Kitchen, Campus Kitchens, V3 Campaign

Author, Begging for Change

“My wife gave me a copy of Larry Robertson's A Deliberate Pause after it had been recommended to her by a group of school administrators. As a former educator, I was immediately intrigued that a book about entrepreneurship had found its way into elementary school classrooms.

“What I soon came discover was that A Deliberate Pause is highly relevant not only to business people in the private sector and teachers in the public schools, but to anyone interested in nurturing new and innovative ideas intended to catalyze positive change and growth.

“Robertson unwinds widely accepted preconceptions to develop a new paradigm for the notion of entrepreneurship.

“As a first year MBA student, Robertson's book has certainly given me reason to 'pause' and contemplate how each decision I make, each action I take, and a truly entrepreneurial mindset will allow me to create change and to contribute the betterment of my own life, the lives of those around me and my community as a whole.

“Two thumbs up for A Deliberate Pause!”

Adam Rothberg

MBA Candidate

Thunderbird International School


“If you are to lead with grace and understanding, I encourage you to read A Deliberate Pause.”

Spencer Schock

Founder, Schock Logistics

A Deliberate Pause really addresses many of the psychological components of entrepreneurship. It’s incredibly insightful and easy to read. I highly recommend it!”

Julie Rashkis

Clinical Psychologist

“If you like to think outside the box, this book is for you.

“Larry Robertson uses his vast experience to demolish many commonly-held myths regarding entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. He then uses an evidence-based approach derived from interviews of hundreds of successful entrepreneurs to methodically build a foundation for successful entrepreneurial enterprises.

An especially nice touch is the emphasis on humanism and the role of entrepreneurs in the betterment of mankind. This perspective will be foreign to most who consider entrepreneurs to be focused on personal gain and ultimately financial wealth. It is refreshing to be reminded that exceptional people have the advancement of their fellow citizens at heart.

“Ultimately the value of this treatise lies in the number of successful new entrepreneurs it spawns which I suspect will be substantial.”

Harold Cross


Windows of Hope Genetics Information Center

Professor, Director

College of Medicine, University of Arizona

"Of the many great points made, I was perhaps most struck with the concept of the deliberate pause itself.

“It counters the "ready, shoot, aim" approach too many seem to employ. I found the  entire book very useful, however, and actively recommend it."

Lyles Carr

Senior Vice President

The McCormick Group

“A colleague told me about A Deliberate Pause and the title instantly resonated with me: it succinctly describes what I'm doing at the moment.

I've been involved with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship as a company founder, investor, and advisor for over 10 years. I'm currently between startups and taking, well, my own deliberate pause to think about the future.

This book is what I needed to put my thinking on right. We now live an a world where Twitter, 24x7 business news media, and Techcrunch shovel story after story to us on how bold "entrepreneurs" are taking over the world with new products and services. It is easy for any of us to become distracted, worried, anxious, and jealous when pondering our lives.

I struggle myself to avoid these traps.

This book was a breath of fresh air. Rather than introduce new concepts, it elegantly synthesizes so many different topics about entrepreneurship. Drawing on dozens of other great authors and thinkers from a variety of disciplines, Robertson dispels common entrepreneurial myths, explains the power of ecosystem and community, and describes the mindset of the truly successful. He provides suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter. (I've got my reading list for the next year.)

If you're looking for "10 steps to making your fortune in start-ups", this book isn't it. If you're at a point in your life where you're struggling to figure out how to get meaning out of your work - and ready to put time and energy into it - I highly recommend it. In that respect it most reminds me of Po Bronson's What Should I Do with My Life?

It won't give you answers, but it will help you figure them out for yourself.

Kevin Dewalt

Founder, Many Wheels

A Deliberate Pause defines entrepreneurship from a different perspective. From the beginning it is about the people and their behaviors and less about what they actually did. I love the way the chapters are organized and the way it draws in the contributors, but it pales to its inspection of entrepreneurship. It makes you rethink about the whole concept of what an entrepreneur really is. It has given me a new perspective.”

Rick Toren

Founder, CodeRyte

Co-innovator of the EpiPen

“A comprehensive analysis on a topic critical to the growth of business (and jobs). An impressive attention to detail on a very fluid and subjective topic. A "how to" analysis for those thinking they want to start down the path of entrepreneurship. And a helpful, contemplative analysis for those already down the path that need a guide for reflection and/or correction. Good job.”

Bill Campbell

Co-founder, CB Energy

“Larry Robertson has captured the essence of an entrepreneur.

“If you think you have what it takes, read this book and benchmark yourself against the qualities portrayed. If you have them, proceed; If not, think about getting them. Either way you will be better equipped to change the world or save yourself heartache.”

Alan Sorkin

Founder, CEO PARTS

Vice Chair, Social Venture Partners, San Diego

Author,  CustomerMaker

“The previous entre-lit was good storytelling, no doubt. Entertaining for sure. Systematic and analysis-driven? Not so much. And a lot of the stories were just, well, too abstracted to be of much help.

“Enter Larry Robertson. Larry got it right. His stories are right well entertaining, too, and also pack the power of solid scholarship, crisp analysis and good filtering (one of an entrepreneur's imperative skills).

“Larry has contributed a treatment on how entrepreneurs and entrepreneurism really work. Not in a cookbook style; as you will learn, because there is no cookbook. But there are some key characteristics, vital behaviors and sound guidelines that will jump off the page and grab you as you read them (such as, "I just couldn't not do this work").

“I didn't rip through the book cover to cover. It isn't a page-turner. I could put it down. But I couldn't leave it down. As the lessons began to soak in, I felt compelled to come back the next chapter to how it all relates to the overall story. And it does all relate, like strands woven into a basket.

“There is a lot in this basket for those who just can't not take advantage of their looming, obsessive desire to seize the in-their-face opportunity to make the world a better place. Because that is what entrepreneurs, Larry teaches us, just have got to do.

A Deliberate Pause is cogent and compelling. This deeply substantive and thoughtful book caused me to reflect and will have the same effect on you.”

Will Murray

Founder, Murray Company

Author, The World’s Greatest Aunt or Uncle Guide

“As a meeting planner, I was seeking an executive level gift for our corporate clients and thankfully, someone suggested A Deliberate Pause. I provided the books in our meeting attendees' hotel rooms with a letter from our president addressing the entrepreneur in each of us.

“I could not have selected a better gift than this one, as our clients were so impressed with the content (and title) of the book.

“After receiving the book as a gift, one of our executives asked what I knew about the author because, although he was only half way through reading the book, he thought he had done an excellent job in defining a term that has been so misunderstood and misrepresented over the years. By the time I saw this same executive on the plane ride home the next day, he said he had already started to read the book for a second time to ensure that he had not missed any important information.

“This book was a home run for my clients, my company and me personally. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a special gift or a really interesting and insightful read. Thanks to the author for writing such a great book that each of us can relate to on some level.”

Tina Hamlin

Vice President

Meetings and Member Relations

“Congrats to Larry for not only refining the definition of entrepreneurship but changing its face through his detailed research and biography-like stories. This book encourages every aspiring and established entrepreneur to sit back, take a deliberate pause, and see their world in a bigger way.”

Barbara McNichol


Author, Word Trippers

“It will make  today’s serious business professionals and up and coming entrepreneurs alike stop to consider the value and worth for what they "do" - less so how they can be measured. More, this book helps you see what's possible, a mindset we must embrace if we are to address the critical needs and reassess the values in our country and our world.

“It makes one grateful to reflect and be able to review our own definition of mission and legacy of “giving back”.

“Thanks to Larry Robertson for stretching us and making us pause to think through the what and why of life.”

Edie Fraser

Managing Director, Diversified Search

Co-author, Do Your Giving While You Are Living

Author, Risk to Riches, Women and Entrepreneurship in America

“The sure sign of a well-written book is when the reader forgets they're reading, and just becomes engrossed in the story - and that is what Larry has accomplished with this book.

“I found the book to be both thought-provoking and easy to read, a combination that doesn't happen often.

“Larry's concepts are relevant not just for entrepreneurs, but for anyone who appreciates the opportunities in life to learn, reflect, grow and make a positive contribution to our world.

“I have read many a business book, including many "entrepreneurial" books, and none have been as rich and engaging as A Deliberate Pause. I highly recommend this book.”

Rebecca Carpenter

Founder, Reach Consulting

“The lessons you convey in the book are relevant to so much of our work to promote environmental conservation, whether through the government or the private sector.  A little more effective entrepreneurial spirit is always a good thing!”

Mike Sutton

Co-founder, Marine Stewardship Council

VP, Center for the Future of the Oceans

"A Deliberate Pause causes you to do just that -- take a break from your "usual and customary" thought processes and really think about how you approach the challenges and opportunities of your particular business.

“The anecdotal parables provide a refreshing break to the "heavy thinking" which this book subtly presents to the reader. By the end of the book, one may feel an energizing sense of boundless potential to incorporate entrepreneurial thinking into one's mundane thinking about one's position, company and society at large.”

Larry Sloan

President, Adhesive and Sealant Council

“This book delivers such a powerful message. There is insight and learning for everyone. It engages you, makes you think, and causes you to revisit parts of the book. ALL business schools should adopt this as required reading.”

Judy Davis

Educational Consultant

“I've worked with all types of businesses and business people during my career, and like many folks, I felt fairly confident that I knew what an entrepreneur was and understood their modus operandi: in my mind, it was someone who finds a new way to develop or hawk goods and services, and is willing to take on a significant amount of risk--as simple as that. Whoa, was I required to readjust my grey cells after reading A Deliberate Pause.

“I'm the first to admit that this book made me realize that I was a stereotyper. There's so much more to entrepreneurship than I had ever considered, and it's something that's really important to us all. More than just learning something new, this book was a pleasure to read. Robertson's work had me thinking of one of my favorite thinker/writers, Thomas Friedman, in connecting the dots on a fascinating topic while at the same time providing a read that was entertaining and accessible.

“It's a must read not only for those who want to understand more about entrepreneurship, but also for readers interested in taking a deliberate pause to consider how the course of history has and will continue to be molded by the creative, dynamic compulsion of entrepreneurs to shake up the world.”

Mark Garay

Chief of Staff

Deloitte U.S., M&A Services

A Deliberate Pause represents truly out-of-the-box thinking.

“Since reading Larry Robertson's insightful look at entrepreneurial thinking and hearing him speak, I have recommended his book to nearly everyone I know.

“This is not a business book in the conventional sense - it's a must-read for anyone who is interested in making the world a better place!”

Delia Couto

Reporter, Journalist

“While I was reading the introduction, A Deliberate Pause immediately struck a chord and made me reflect on my experiences - I looked up from the book and thought "slow is smooth, and smooth is fast."

“I learned this simple, paradoxical phrase while attending U.S. Army Ranger School several years ago. The Ranger School environment is rife with intentional time constraints, training leaders to make critical decisions rapidly. The Ranger Instructors prescribe "slow is smooth, and smooth is fast" in a similar way that Larry does - when faced with many tasks, slow the pace for the important ones so they are done right the first time, and done the way you want them to be.

“The phrase resonated several more times throughout the book. Being on the younger side of business and entrepreneurship, having Larry's insight at this moment has prepared my mind for future success. He elegantly ties both his and his contributors' experiences into meaningful lessons that I can apply now and as I undoubtedly venture toward entrepreneurship. Larry has inspired me to use what I know about conventional wisdom, but to take the time to look at it in a unique light to find innovative solutions.

A Deliberate Pause is a must-read for all entrepreneurs and leaders, particularly those who want to make a difference.”

Jeff Cullen

Grant Thornton LLP

“Larry Robertson's book A Deliberate Pause is an insightful book about the power of entrepreneurship. It is a must read for anyone seeking a path toward entrepreneurship.

“What fascinates me about this book is how many stories are incorporated in one chapter alone. Larry's formula for writing this book is unique in that he combines his own thoughts about a passion that he has pursued for himself with the ideas and stories of other entrepreneurs.

“I had the opportunity to interview Larry for my entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University and he told me that his goal for this book was not to provide a framework or steps to entrepreneurship but rather to uncover truths by taking a deliberate pause and reflecting on what makes entrepreneurs tick.

“In essence, Larry writes that entrepreneurship is about taking the time to "deliberately pause" and think about why because the how will figure itself out from developing the why. Entrepreneurs incorporate time to consider different viewpoints, understand their own views and then from reflection they work on catalyzing a change that commits to finding a solution.

“I highly recommend reading A Deliberate Pause for a refreshing and interesting look into the world of entrepreneurship!”

Lauren Ball

Teaching Assistant, Entrepreneurship

Georgetown University

“This book is so easy to jump into. More, it has a lasting effect on your thinking, making you more aware of your position as a catalyst for action.”

“If you have even a small amount of the entrepreneurial spirit running in your veins, this is an invaluable guide with much to offer.”

“The spirit of innovation and individual creation of vision,  as described in this book, will be a major force in forming the future economy of this country, in pushing along new technologies and new ways of approaching old ideas.”

Gary Myers

Artist, Entrepreneur

“(A Deliberate Pause) addresses a true need and makes a valuable contribution. It is well written and embraces an important and misperceived area."

Ken Getz

Founder,  Chair

Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation

Author, Informed Consent

A Deliberate Pause has been one of those rare books in my life that makes me shudder to think of all the mistakes I would have made, and the mental hang-ups I would have held onto had I not stumbled across it.

“It was liberating to encounter some resonating truth on how successful entrepreneurs are made, how they think, and how they operate, in contrast with the mystifying and intimidating narratives of entrepreneurship found in virtually every other book on the topic.

“Especially meaningful for me, was Mr. Robertson's discussion of the entrepreneur's simple practice of repeatedly asking why some product, service, industry or conventional practice he or she is unsatisfied with has to be the way it is. Most adults begin to just resign themselves to accepting life's dissatisfactions, unaware that this blind acceptance and resignation will preclude their potential to revolutionize the world. Muhammad Yunus refused to resign himself to the "reality" that "you just can't loan money to poor people." His Nobel Prize Winning innovation was, at its heart, a simple refusal to buy into conventional wisdom on why the world had to be the way it is.

“This book has encouraged me to keep asking "why?" about industries and conventional practices that I'm dissatisfied with, in hopes that I may one day find some viable solutions to build ecosystems of activators and advisors around. This book has helped me identify which of my own thought processes and instincts will help me potentially solve one of humanity's manifold problems, and which of my mental traps would have definitely derailed me.

“The "May Be" Parable Robertson tells in the book also really stuck with me. It is a comforting and elegant philosophy and so interesting that it applies to entrepreneurship as well as it applies to relationships.

“All of these gems make this book well worth pausing for.”

Adam Alfi

Student, Georgetown University